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Visit bird sanctuary on ‘welcome day’

Visit bird sanctuary on ‘welcome day’

The Norman Bird Sanctuary opens all its doors on Saturday, Jan. 13, for a Winter Welcome Day.

Visitors are welcome to join sanctuary staff for all or part of the day. Choose from a guided nature walk, Morning Welcome Talk, noontime introduction to sanctuary’s educational animals, an afternoon Winter Poetry Walk, or an indoor performance of sanctuaryinspired stories, poems, and songs featuring Zach Ladin with his new CD “Songs of Nature.”

The Morning Welcome Talk at 11 a.m. previews a brand new illustrated talk about the Norman Bird Sanctuary, touching on the history of Paradise Farm, the legacy of the artists who draw their inspiration from this scenic landscape, and the unique geology and ecology of this area. The noon introduction to the sanctuary animals and craft project is geared for children and families.

The 2 p.m. welcome tour of the sanctuary grounds includes a Winter Poetry Walk, featuring excerpts from works of well-known poets and local writers. Participants are welcome to bring a brief selection to share that has some sort of relationship to the winter landscape. One way to think about it is to view it as an open-mike hike.

The 3 p.m. performance is titled “Songs for Mabel Norman,” featuring sanctuary educator Zach Ladin with his newly released CD of songs that were initially written and performed at the Norman Bird Sanctuary during Ladin’s year as an Americorps educator. His lyrics are uplifting and convey a simple, powerful love of the land, along with a deep appreciation for the legacy of Mabel Norman. Ladin’s songs will alternate with readings of other sanctuary-inspired stories and poems by other performers.

All activities are free with the cost of admission: $4 per adult, $2 per child.

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