2007-01-11 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Lola's first days of 2007 seemed bleak until Abby came along.

On New Year's Day at about 4 p.m.while visiting Mike Messenger on East Shore Rd. the boxer decided it was time for a solo walk.

Lola, a little over a year old, left the house near the toll plaza when no one was watching and headed out. When her absence was discovered, speculation was that she was perhaps trying to get home to Seaside Drive near Head's Beach, where she lives with Todd Messenger.

Mike called the police department to alert the officers in case someone spotted her and called in her location.

A short time later the police called back saying there had been a report of a dog fitting Lola's description being hit by a car on 138 west. The police could not say for sure if it was Lola because the canine had run off.

The Messinger family, including Mike, Todd, Karen, and Sherrie went to the area where Lola was last seen and searched in the pouring rain. No luck.

Karen called a family friend, LuAnn Botelho, who has a bloodhound search and rescue dog named Abby that is trained in tracking and trailing. Abby will be 2 in April and has been in training since she was a pup. Karen asked LuAnn if Abby could help in the search.

LuAnn Botelho, with Abby the bloodhound, and Karen Messinger, with Lola the boxer, had a happy tale to tell about Lola's rescue. Also pictured is Tyler Messinger. Photo by Donna Drago LuAnn Botelho, with Abby the bloodhound, and Karen Messinger, with Lola the boxer, had a happy tale to tell about Lola's rescue. Also pictured is Tyler Messinger. Photo by Donna Drago The next morning they went out to look for Lola but the scented item Abby was given was contaminated by something in Todd's automobile trunk. LuAnn asked for one of Lola's toys.

That afternoon the team headed out again. Within 15 minutes Abby had a good idea where Lola was hiding and led everyone to the boxer lying alongside the highway, cold, scared and hurt.

After a trip to the vet's it was determined that other than an injured but not broken leg Lola was going to make it into the new year.

Kudos to Abby for doing such a great job as a proud member of the Rhode Island K9 Response Team.

It was her first find.


Hannah Cordes as Anne Frank has the title role in the Jamestown Community Theatre's upcoming production of "Yours, Anne."

In the words of Artistic Director Mary S. Wright, the presentation,

to be staged the weekends of March 2 and 9, is a small musical based on "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl."

"The renowned account of two Jewish families hidden in a cramped attic over a warehouse in Amsterdam during the Nazi occupation is now a haunting and compelling musical, and while it remains loyal to the story, it is enhanced by a most moving and lyrical score."

Others in the cast are Jeannie Spinosa as Edith Frank. Matt Bolles plays Otto Frank. Becky Brazil is Mrs. Van Dan. John Andrews is Mr. Dussel. Iris Bohensky plays Margot, and Michael Liebhauser is Peter Van Dan.

Also appearing are Camille Baker, Dana Larkin, Kelsey Donohue, Allie Brown, Raeshelle DeValerio, Danielle Brown, and Erin Brown.

The music director is Becky Brazil and the producer Joan Mc- Cauley. Assistant producers and director's assistants are Donna Gavin and Maria Liebhauser.

Erin Brown is stage manager and will handle props. She will be aided by Allie Brown, assistant stage manager. Danielle Brown is costume designer and Janet Grant, accompanist.


Lavinia Hammond celebrated her birthday Saturday with a dinner party for 13 guests at the home of her daughter, Alice Dunn. Lavinia was 85 on Jan. 5.


Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic says that dogs get cold, too.

"The following tips are helpful for letting Fluffy enjoy his or her winter play. Although fur typically is a good insulator do not assume Fluffy isn't getting cold. If your pet shakes and shivers on cold days, then they may need a doggie sweater or coat. As the dog ages this may become more important and regardless of their size, many short-coated dogs are sensitive to the cold weather.

"To protect your dog's feet from the cold and chemical de-icers on sidewalks you can apply a layer of petroleum jelly to their foot pads. Whenever your pet returns from a walk or playing outside, make sure you wipe their paws clean of any residue and ice. It also helps to keep your pet's nails trimmed and clip the hair between their toes so ice and snow does not get stuck there.

"Long-haired breeds or thickcoated dogs typically are less susceptible to the cold but they can get ice and snow trapped under their fur and as it melts it will get them wet and start to make them cold. So, regardless of their size and appearance make sure to dry your pets off every time they come inside from the snow and cold."



Speaking of which, it's not too early to feed the Dawgz. They receive donations at P.O. Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835.


The Knights of Columbus Council 9197 of St. Mark Parish will be putting on one of its outstanding Ham and Bean Suppers on Saturday, Jan 20, in the church hall from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

The menu will include maple cured ham, Afonso's famous Jamestown style baked beans, home made corn bread, coleslaw, dessert and beverages.

Ticket prices are $8 for adults and $4 for children. There is no charge for children under 5. A family ticket is available for $20 which will cover dinner for two parents and three children, an $8 savings.

Tickets are available from any Knight or by calling Grand Knight Dave Nardolillo at 423-2413.


Also in Knights' news, the council reported that Katherine Martin was the first $50 winner of the 10/10 Club.

The club was established to fi- nance the replacement of the aging St. Mark organ.

There will be a $50 drawing each month for 10 months concluding with the final drawing on Oct. 7 of $1,000, $500, $300 and $200.

The club is presently sold out, but anyone who wishes to participate can sign up on the waiting list. It's estimated that it will take at least three additional clubs to cover the cost of the replacement.

You can discuss it with FS Anthony Travasono at 423-0268.


Boy Scout Troop 1 is off tomorrow for a weekend of skiing at Ragged Mountain in New Hampshire.

Making the trip are Scouts Jim Perry, Michael Brendlinger, Kyle Wright, Nick Fay, Ben Normand, Sal Morenzi, Nanthaniel Hopkins, Dan Bailey, Eric Archibald, and Jack Tregenza.

Webelos II Sam DiGasper of Cub Scout Pack 1 will also make the journey.

Adults going along are Mike Perry, John Keavey, Glenn Hopkins, Diane Archibald, and Jim Archibald.

Diane organized and made arrangements for the weekend.

*** The daffodils are up on our front lawn.


The Jamestown Fire Department Newsletter reports there are nine new recruits, all island residents, in the current Fire Academy Class. During December, training sessions included off-road vehicle extrication using the recently installed winch on Special Service 1 and the winch on Engine 2. There were also search and rescue drills, pump operations drills, and ladder drills.

January activities will include CPR and AED certification course sessions tonight and next Thursday. All trainees are required to attend and active members are urged to be there also.

An all-companies ice rescue and cold water rescue drill will be held January 25.


Stop by police headquarters and pick up a blue Payton plastic bracelet for $2. The money is being used to support the family of Payton Watson. She is the daughter of Sgt. Frank Watson of the Jamestown Police Department and his wife Liz (Goode) Watson.

Payton has been diagnosed with leukemia.


Rehearsals begin Monday for the Jamestown Community Chorus' new season that will culminate on May 5 and 6 with its spring concert titled "Going Home." It will celebrate our country's heritage with singing, dancing, and instrumentals.

Before then the chorus will participate in the second annual Rhode Island Festival Chorus, founded by the island chorus' Director B.J. Whitehouse. Five state choruses will perform on April 29 at the East Providence High School.

There are no auditions and experience is not necessary to be a member of this august group. For more information, call B.J. at 423- 1574 or visit www.jamestownri. com/chorus.


You know we've all lost it when now there's a pill on the market to help fat dogs take off weight.

Common sense tells us to feed the critters less and walk them more.

The pills are such a stupid idea, we'll bet Pfizer makes millions.


Wednesday is Ben Franklin's birthday.

*** Be true!


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