2007-01-11 / Editorial


Help build a new shelter

Help build a new shelter

Next week, the Friends of the Jamestown Animal Shelter will meet twice to once again begin, and hopefully end, the process to transform the rickety former recreation garage at the back of the Town Offices property into a facility for wayward pets.

Jamestown has lacked a proper animal shelter for many years. When lost pets are found now, volunteers carry them around in their cars for hours while a search is conducted for their owners. Or, they are dropped off at the various locations around the island where kind-hearted animal lovers will take them in for a short visit or perhaps a long stay. Take a look at the window at Paws & Claws to see where a good portion of these cats end up.

On Monday evening, Jan. 15, at the library, the board of directors of the Friends will get together to hash out what needs to be done, and to revitalize the plan that was started a year ago.

Unfortunately there was an inability to pull the volunteer project together then - teens also needed a place to hang out and a possible conversion to a teen center was considered for some months. Now that the teens have secured a portion of the Community Center, no one has any dibs on the old garage.

Then on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 7 p.m. there will be an official kick-off meeting for volunteers and anyone interested in helping with construction of the animal shelter. All permits are in place and those passionate animal lovers who have been trying to make this project a reality are hoping that it will finally come to be.

While it's not on the top of the priority list for many islanders, an animal shelter, where homeless cats can get a proper meal and maybe some medical care, while waiting for a real home, is a good thing to have on an island where people care deeply about things.

Give them a hand. Let's make this animal shelter a reality.

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