2007-01-11 / Letters to the Editor

Birders made count a success

Thanks to all birders for their participation in the 2006, 24th annual Conanicut Island Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, Dec. 30. The weather was cloudy, temperatures in the upper 30s, with calm to building winds. The total number of species for the day was 64, about average for our Christmas Bird Counts. By noon, we had tallied all 64 species, and we were unable to add any more in the afternoon.

Highlights of the day were the large number of harlequins, 54, at Beavertail; an American kestrel, an increasingly uncommon bird in Jamestown in the farm territory; an eastern screech owl on the north end (very early in the morning, thanks to B.J.); and a greenwinged teal (probably first year) at the north end. The most abundant bird was the herring gull, followed by the Canada goose.

"Count-week birds," those seen the week of the count but not on the actual day, include purple sandpipers at Beavertail, a flock of Snow Geese at Watson Farm, and a great-horned owl at Hodgekiss Farm.

Field observers were Dick Boenning, Wayne Munns, B.J. Whitehouse, Evelyn Rhodes, Ed Long, Steve Moreau, Marcie Lindsay, Sarah Young, Sonja Kassal, Mark Baker, Collette Baker, Chris Powell, and Candy Powell. Other observers included Gail Chase, Chris Ariel, Karan Osenton, and Leah George.

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you for the spring 2007 count in May. Please report interesting sightings to me, 423- 1492, or Evelyn Rhodes, 423- 1254.

Candy Powell,


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