2007-01-11 / Letters to the Editor

Movie no benefit to island residents

Editor's note: This letter was sent to the Town Council and copied to the Jamestown Press

As we recently paid our quarterly installment of property taxes due to the town of Jamestown, we were prompted to let you know that we did not have the benefit of the quiet enjoyment of our property during the last three months as a consequence of the filming of a movie in our immediate vicinity.

Our property borders the culde sac at the southern end of West Passage Drive where the public roadway has been completely overtaken by the people and equipment associated with the filming of a movie pursuant to the approval of the Town Council. We wonder if you took into consideration the impact this may have on the property owners in the immediate area when making the decision to approve the use of public space for such purposes.

After living with this for the last three months, we can raise your consciousness regarding such matters. The most significant effect on us was the ever present hum of one and sometimes two enormous generators that were in operation from 12 to 24 hours a day not more than 50 feet downwind from our home. It sounded like a tractor-trailer was idling outside our living room, kitchen and master bedroom. A significant number of cars were parked in the roadway in front of our home whose owners apparently had no compunction about leaving their trash, in the form of bottles, cans and cigarette packs, behind. The daily production schedule among other detritus would blow into our back yard regularly. The location staff was responsive and courteous, but there was an enormous undertaking that could not be confined to the private properties deriving financial benefit from it. We were among those who received no benefit whatsoever and were forced to "grin and bear it" for the duration of the filming.

In the future we implore you to be sober minded in your consideration of such requests. At the very least, do not approve the use of public space for such purposes in this area again.

The benefit to home and business owners in Jamestown is limited to a select few. The use of public space for the making of movies forces many of us to sacrifice the very things for which we moved to Jamestown, namely the peace, quiet and beauty of this relatively small island.

Janice and Jeff Spotts,

Westwind Drive

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