2007-01-11 / Letters to the Editor

New face at annual Christmas Pageant

This was a transitional year in pageant history as islanders, accustomed to seeing Matt Bolles at the microphone, were perhaps a bit surprised to see a new face.

Opening and closing remarks have always been part of the pageant and for so many years Matt managed it all so well.

This year with Matt's absence, it was thought that acknowledging the founder and a few indispensable key people would be a nice idea. A great deal of effort goes into making this event come together, and it seemed only fitting that gratitude be expressed. This year was especially challenging as we were without Matt, who not only played guitar but also sang lead vocals and was responsible for setting up and breaking down the public address system. The committee members took on the challenge and another beautiful pageant took place on Shoreby Hill.

After last week's letter to the editor, I wanted to assure everyone that this year's pageant will continue to focus on the nativity scene, the beautiful hymns and the treasured readings, as done in years past, minus the additional announcements. It is such a cherished island tradition, and we are hoping to make this year's pageant a most memorable one by including more live animals in the nativity scene.

Sincerest thanks to all the participants and to all the committee members who generously gave of themselves. It was a very special Christmas Eve.

Susan W. Lutes, pageant director

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