2007-01-11 / News

Woodbine promoted to police sergeant

By Sam Bari

Sergeant Keith J. Woodbine Sergeant Keith J. Woodbine Jamestown Police Officer Keith J. Woodbine was promoted to the rank of sergeant at a ceremony held at the beginning of Monday's Town Council meeting. Council Vice President Julio DiGiando supervised the ceremony in the absence of Council President David Long.

Woodbine has been with the police department for over 17 years. Four of his five children witnessed the ceremony as well as at least a half dozen of his colleagues that included Police Chief Thomas Tighe and Lieutenant William Donovan.

In other business, the Town Council:

+ Re-appointed Jack Hubbard to the Water Resource Protection Committee. His term will end on Dec. 31, 2009.

+ Re-appointed Rosemary Forbes-Woodside and Heidi Keller Moon to the Jamestown library board of trustees. Kevin J. Carty was appointed to fill a three-year term on that board.

+ Appointed Joseph P. Tamburini, Edwina S. Cloherty, and James Rugh to the town Tree Preservation and Protection Committee. Their terms will end Dec. 31, 2009.

+ Re-appointed Richard Anderson to the Harbor Management Commission as the representative of the non-riparian recreational boating community. Terry Jones was appointed to the harbor commission. Terms for these posts will end on Dec. 31, 2009.

In an unrelated matter, the positions of town solicitor and town administrator are going before the council for evaluation in executive session. The date of that session has been continued until the Jan. 22 council meeting. Councilman Michael Schnack is consolidating all reviews into one comprehensive report. Some reviews are ongoing and take months to prepare. Town Administrator Bruce Keiser noted that the town solicitor's review should be under contractors to the town, because the solicitor is not a town employee.

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