2007-01-18 / News

Alex Tutsch is the key to Tollgate's powerful offense

By Adrienne Downing

Alex Tutsch Alex Tutsch One word that people in hockey circles can agree on when it comes to Alex Tutsch is "fast." Tutsch, a junior on the Tollgate High School Varsity hockey team and a Jamestown resident, has made a name for himself by being able to outskate his opponents and put the puck in the net.

"Alex has really distinguished himself, especially this year. He has scored eight goals and had six assists in our first five games," Dave Tober, head coach, explained. "He is fast, very quick."

Tutsch, at five-feet, six-inches, is not the picture of what a left wing should be, but he uses that to his advantage.

"He is very gifted with his skill level and some people may not expect that, but he plays with very good players on the line and he uses what he has well," Tober said.

His family moved to Jamestown when he was only four-years-old and he started playing with New- port Youth Hockey the following year.

"I realized that he probably stood out a little when he was in his last year of peewees, when he was 12 or 13 years old," his father, Joseph Tutsch, explains.

His family made the move to enroll him in Tollgate because the local schools did not have a Division I ice hockey program.

"We won a state championship in 2004, which was the year before he came here, and I think that he wanted to be part of a championship team. Tollgate is the only public school in Division I hockey," Tober explained.

While he still has another year left at Tollgate, he does hope to continue playing hockey in college, possibly with Providence College.

Ice hockey is not his only talent. He is also an avid golfer and made it to the state finals with the Tollgate team in 2006.

"He really is a great kid on and off the ice. He is well-liked and a great student," Tober concluded. "It is not easy to come to a different city and fit in, and he has."

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