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Plan for new adult day-care center gets recommendation for approval

By Michaela Kennedy

At its Jan 17 meeting, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend a new development plan for applicant Sheahan's Way LLC to construct an adult day-care center at 49 North Main Rd. The proposed two-building plan will move forward to the Zoning Board of Review to seek approval for special use permits.

Applicants Gail and Charles Sheahan noted that the existing house on the lot would be replaced, using the same footprint. The structure will house Consistent Care, which is currently located on Clinton Avenue to provide a venue for a new adult day-care center and a one-bedroom apartment on the second floor.

Approved unanimously by Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners the previous evening, the proposal also included a new structure to be built at the back of the property. The new site is twice the size of one at a different location that was previously presented to the board. "All and all, I think this is a much better plan," Gail Sheahan said. The plan for an adult day-care center was "seven years in the making," she added.

Commissioner Barry Holland asked the applicant if any thought had been given to making the resident's unit an affordable housing unit. Sheehan agreed it was a possibility to consider.

Commissioner Betty Hubbard said she had no problem with the general plan, adding, "I think it's wonderful."

In old business, the commission unanimously accepted a plan for a two-lot subdivision with a street extension on Hull Cove Farm Road. Quentin Anthony, the attorney representing applicant Norton Reamer, noted that the neighbors had reached an agreement with Reamer concerning all restrictions and maintenance of the private road.

Anthony asked that a bond be approved in the amount designated by the engineer "to guarantee acceptance and completion of road improvements" of Hull Cove Farm Road.

In other old business, the commission continued a development plan for a new house on Hull Street. Town Solicitor Larry Parks asked applicant Lawrence Peltier to confirm that the location of the furnace in the modified design would meet the fire code.

In a pre-application conference, Raymond and Karyn Bazzano met with the commission to seek advice about the required steps for their plan to re-structure the building at 24 Narragansett Ave. to house six residential units and one retail space. The application noted that four of the six units would be designated affordable housing. Bruce McIntyre, the attorney representing the applicants, said he would obtain a letter of eligibility for affordable housing from the state.

Robert Ornstein, an architect with Arris Design, presented a model of the plan.

According to Town Planner Lisa Bryer, the applicants will submit the plan as a comprehensive unit under state law.

Last year, the town's low- and moderate-income housing, article 17 of the Zoning Ordinance, was amended to be consistent with state law, which allows the commission to be the permitting authority on all local permits when reviewing a comprehensive permit application. "You will be looking at and approving zoning variances, the water and sewer application, as well as the development plan," she noted in a memorandum to the commission.

Commission Chairman Gary Girard told the board no time limit was set at present. "It's a new responsibility and a big responsibility," he said about the process.

Commissioners Richard Ventrone and Victor Calabretta were abse

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