2007-01-25 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Shores residents

I'd like to thank the Jamestown Shores residents who attended the Jan. 8 Town Council meeting and voiced their opposition to the proposed parking restrictions that would have limited access to the Shores beach.

The Town Council clearly listened to your arguments and voted down the most significant part of the proposal that would have forced 750 families from the Shores and those from other areas to compete over a handful of parking spaces.

Unfortunately, several months ago, the Council approved a request by members of the Jamestown Shores Association to initiate a paid parking sticker program at the beach, with the plan of discouraging use by non-residents.

It's apparent, those Seaside Drive residents who are also members of the Jamestown Shores Association did not consider or care about the effect a paid parking sticker would have on the other 750 households who live more than 200 feet from the shoreline.

Had this follow-up proposal by the association been approved, the limited parking would have made the sticker fee even more excessive, causing another deterrent to use by local residents.

Those of you who stopped "Plan B" of the association's beach-restriction initiative last week, now have proof that the Town Council will respond to your opinions when they get to hear them.

I hope that this success encourages you to stay tuned in and ready to turn out, to speak up again, on other important issues in the future.

Thanks, Sav Rebecchi,

Sail Street

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