2007-01-25 / News

Warriors place at Lego championships

Lawn school eighth-grade Lego League championship award winners. Lawn school eighth-grade Lego League championship award winners. Three teams of eighth-graders competed at the recent Rhode Island First Lego League state championship and won honorable mentions for their work. Awards represent the highest achievement for the teams, and all teams receive judging for a group of awards that recognize a standard of excellence for all participants.

The Warriors, Team 10 from 8- Y, won the Creative Presentation Honorable Mention Award for an imaginative, creative presentation demonstrating the team's research and solution. Team members were: Julia Hansen, Anne Langan, Katie Marquis, Ashlin Gillis, Eric Holtzman, and Nick Lee.

The Warriors 1, Team 11 from 8-X, won the Research Quality Honorable Mention Award for the use and understanding of diverse resources to formulate an in-depth and thorough explanation of the team's point of view and solution to the challenge project. Team members were: Hannah Cordes, Caia Diepenbrock, Christian Tiexiera, Carla Aveledo, Clay Caswell, Wes Barber, and Catie Matley.

The Warriors 2, Team 12 from 8-Z, won the Innovative Solution Honorable Mention Award for a thought-provoking and innovative resolution, including how and why the team chose their selected application of research. Team members were: Dan Hansen, Megan Salt, Andy Sakovits, Noah Robinson, Ben Thompson, and Dylan Vogel.

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