2007-01-25 / Upcoming Events

Child safety week upcoming

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. This year, in addition to sending cards and eating chocolates, celebrate Child Passenger Safety Week from Feb. 11 to 17.

Show children how much they are loved by making sure they are safe when they ride in a car.

Car crashes are the number one killer of children ages two to 14. Many parents know that young children must ride in a car seat, but did you know that children between 4 and 8 years old should use a booster seat in the car? Booster seats "boost" young children up so that the seat belts-which are designed for adults-fit them properly. You wouldn't send a child to school in adult clothing, so why send them on a car ride wearing a seat belt that's meant to fit a larger person? Children may graduate from a booster seat to a regular seat belt only when they are taller than 4-feet, 9- inches.

For more information about booster seats and car seats for children of all ages, visit www.boosterseat. gov. And remember, chocolates on Valentine's Day are sweet, but keeping children safe is even sweeter.

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