2007-01-25 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

We usually think of the backstage crew as just that, out of sight backstage. But in the upcoming Jamestown Community Theatre's production of "Yours, Anne," the entire backstage crew moves on stage at one point to sing of hope.

The crew is made up of two sisters from the Brown family, Stage Manager Erin, 17, and her sister Assistant Stage Manager 14- year-old Allie. This is Erin's first experience behind the scenes. She explained that she had signed up to do props, but Iris Bohensky who had been tapped as stage manager was called up to appear in the cast as Margot, and Erin took over backstage.

Erin said that Allie got the assistant's job because she wanted to help out. "She needs the job."

The third member of the Brown family in the play is Danielle, Erin's twin, who is the play's costume designer.

When we asked Erin what experience a 17-year-old could have to qualify as a costume designer, she said that Danielle had put together separate costumes for some 50 people of all ages who were in a Christmas play at the West Kingston Baptist Church.

"When Mary Wright (artistic director) heard about it, she asked Danielle to take on the costume designer's job," Erin explained. She said that much of the costuming will come from existing 1940s period dress. Some of it they brought with them when they returned to the states from Heidelberg, Germany, where their dad was stationed. Colonel David Brown is currently a professor at the Naval War College's Dept. of Strategy and Policy.

Danielle will come onstage to join her sisters singing "Inscription of Hope" that they sang originally in Alaska as members of the North Wind Children's Choir. Erin said, "Its lyrics were found on a cellar wall in Cologne after the Holocaust.

"Each of us remembered different parts of the song, and we put it all together and sang it at the audition. Mary asked us if we would sing it during the play."

The three sisters have appeared in the choruses of other JCT plays. All of them were in "HONK!" and Allie was in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." They have also performed in various church plays and with the Wizard of Oz Community Theater in Germany.

"Yours, Anne" is a small musical based on "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl."

It will be staged by the JCT the weekends of March 2 and 9 at the Central Baptist Church.


Jamestowners and particularly East Ferry Deli goers will be saddened to hear of the death of Sheba, the deli dachshund.

Don Weatherbee writes that "she will not be making her twice daily walks down to the East Ferry Deli next summer to visit with her many admirers. She passed away at the ripe old age of 17 1/2 earlier last week without pain or great distress. She was a lovely, dear dog."

She certainly was and will be missed.


We received a New Year's card from former neighbor Adam Donaldson and his wife, Jessy.

After stints with the Peace Corps in Jamaica and Uzbekistan, the couple has settled down in Baltimore.

Jess is in the graduate school at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, earning her Master of Public Health.

Adam is the National Mobilization Manager of City Year, a nonprofit organization that leads 17- to 24-year-olds in full-time service in city schools as tutors and mentors.

Kudos, guys.

*** And, a note from Brazil: hi Jim how are you doing?

my name is Ricardo De Mendonca , i`m from brazil,sao paulo state,

i ve been in U.S. in at the first time in april of 1995 at the Coffin`s house (on standish rd.) because my oldest brother cesar did a exchange youth program in 1976/1977, and you did a great jog about myself on your column, i said somethings about what I was thinking about jamestown ,my job etc etc..

well that´s it .i´m here so far away reading your space in jamestown press

and checked you still working there.i´ve back to U.S.more three times,

and wright now i´m working in one honda dealership in brazil.

you were so gentil, a great proffesional on `- walrus saysthank

god for the internet and see ours friends doing good working,

i hope that you ,your friends of jamestown press and your family are

doing good.,the world is not too big that we imagine ,

.i´sorry about the time and thank you very much again.

i´m sorry that my not too good english.

have a great day and still with this special job writing good comments

about people.

a big hug.,thank you . . .

Ricardo's e-mail address is rmendonca@daitan.com.br


John A. Murphy is in with a "poser" from the '50s. Oh happy Africa..........


Your cat may need a little help in getting enough drinking water, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

"Did you ever wonder why your cat drinks out of the sink, toilett, or dog bowl more often than their own bowl? Many cats do not like the feel of their whiskers on the edges of the bowl and will seek water elsewhere. As many cats age they will develop some kidney disease and keeping them well hydrated and encouraging them to drink water can make a difference in their disease.

"So, if you have a cat, buy a wide, shallow water dish and fill it to almost overflowing so they can see the reflection in the water. Most cats will play with the water, drink more from their bowl, and stay more hydrated just with that simple change. Of course, if you feel like your pet is drinking more, urinating more, or if they just don't seem as full of energy as they used to, consider having them screened for common age-related changes by your animal's doctor."


Speaking of animals, The Potter League is gearing up for its 35th annual Have A Heart Cocktail Party & Silent Auction Monday, Feb. 12, at the Hyatt Regency, Newport.

The benefit for homeless animals features a Preview Party from 5 to 6 p.m., and the Main Event from 6 to 8 p.m.

There will be some 300 auction items, including skydiving adventure, travel getaways , art, spa experiences, golf excursions, private yacht charters, electronics, airline tickets, treasures for the animal lover, and jewelry, plus much, much more.

Purchase tickets - $75 for both events, $50 for just Main Event - by calling Jill at 846-8276, ext. 105.


Parents and leaders of Boy Scout Troop 1 met at the Senior Center last Thursday to discuss ways to promote increased adult involvement supporting Scouting in Jamestown.

Tom Bailey, troop secretary and advancement co-ordinator, said that the meeting was " to educate parents on the wide variety of ways they can contribute to the troop's continued success. As with any volunteer organization, several adult leaders fill more than one role, and there is always a need to recruit new talent to keep the organization functioning. Troop 1 currently needs adults with a variety of skills, training, or interests to act as merit badge counselors."

Troop leader Jim Archibald was in charge of the meeting and outlined 15 roles of the troop committee to illustrate how others may help.

Tom added that a Troop Resource Survey will be conducted by the troop "to determine how the families of our scouts can support the troop by volunteering their time and sharing their talents with our sons."


Today is the birthday of Scotland's Robert Burns who wrote in 1786, "An honest man's the noblest work of God."

*** Be true!


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