2007-02-01 / News

Young poet to be published in anthology

Nick Lee, a grade 8 student at the Lawn Avenue School, entered his poem "Roller Coaster of Life" in a national writing contest. The poem was selected to be published in the upcoming "A Celebration of Young Poets."

Roller Coaster of Life By Nick Lee

Flying, soaring Shooting through the sky Time passes by On the roller coaster of life

Above is the vast unending sky

Beautiful, majestic yet untamable

Below is the hard rolling earth

Violent, untforgiving yet unbelievable

But you pass by as if not in reality

Floating through a dream world unencumbered

By hatred or regrets On the roller coaster of life

Loops, curves and sudden drops

With no telling what may happen next

Suddenly it's stopped, your ride is over

On the roller coaster of life

But when you are gone you don't regret

Having traveled The loops The curves Or the drops On your roller coaster of life

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