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Island architects receive mentorship award

John Tumino, Ron DiMauro, and Chad Woodward working on Chad's house design. John Tumino, Ron DiMauro, and Chad Woodward working on Chad's house design. Ron DiMauro and John Tumino have taken 14-year-old Chad Woodward under their wing and given him the skills to become an architect.

Chad goes to the Met School in Newport, a unique program that empowers the students to take charge of their own learning and become responsible citizens. They choose the path and career they want to pursue, and then are required to spend two days a week at that particular firm learning the profession and the craft. Chad chose architecture for his field and Ron DiMauro Architects for his mentors.

"When I was approached by Chad's mother, Patty, about the possibility of becoming Chad's mentor, I was honored and excited that she thought of my company. I told her that we would do our best to guide Chad in the field of Architecture and give him the skills needed to become a good Architect," DiMauro said.

John Tumino, one of DiMauro's project architects, worked very closely with Chad on a weekly basis and guided him through the different stages of architecture. "We taught Chad how to design a home from the ground up. We found him a real undeveloped site and a real client. He had to determine the client's program (their wishes for the home), and then design them a floor plan. He presented the plan to his client and then listened carefully to their concerns. He also spent time with Ron and learned how to color render the front elevation and the floor plans. He really stepped up to the plate and did a great job," said Tumino.

DiMauro's firm did such a great job with Chad that they were selected to receive the "Excellence in Mentoring Award" from the Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership. This award is given to people and companies that show dedication and excellent commitment in regard to mentoring a child. The award was presented to DiMauro's firm by Governor Donald Carcieri, former Lieutenant Governor Robert Weygand, and Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts in Providence last week.

"I am so proud of Chad's accomplishments," said Principal Charlie Plant of the Met School. "Ron, John, and the whole firm have given attention and care to Chad and his development. Their dedication to the project has been outstanding."

Chad's mother Patty said she was "very impressed with the quality of the work that Chad put in throughout all the steps required to complete the floor plans." She went on to say, "It was such a positive experience to see Chad so excited about his internship. I am so thankful to Ron DiMauro and John Tumino for their assistance and dedication in helping Chad achieve his dream."

"To teach a child that is excited and wants to learn is the greatest gift that we as adults can do. A child's mind is so innocent and open to everything. Our goal was to try to give Chad the skills necessary to design a home with only a piece of paper and a pencil. If we could do this, he would be able to go anywhere in his travels and have a profession where he could make a living. Chad went beyond our expectations and did such a great job. He designed a wonderful home, it functions well, looks great and his color presentation is better than most college graduates. I am very proud of him," DiMauro said.

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