2007-02-08 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

When we asked Michael Liebhauser if he prefered the names Michael or Mike, he replied, "Call me Mike or call me Michael, just don't call me late for dinner."

In addition to his many acting stage credits, he's now evidently working on a stand-up routine.

We called the 12-year-old to talk to him about being cast in the role of Peter Van Dan in the Jamestown Community Theatre's production of "Yours, Anne" slated for the weekends of March 2 and 9 at the Central Baptist Church.

When we last spoke to him, he was in rehearsals for the JCT's "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" in the lead role.

He had also been cast to play Peter Crachit, the oldest son of Bob Crachit in Trinity Rep's presentation of "A Christmas Carol." He went on to perform that role in 37 of the shows.

Now, as Peter Van Dan he is a 15-year-old boy of a second family also hiding out from the Nazis. Mike explains, "Peter and Anne are incredibly close friends. They equalize each other, he is very angry and she is calm. She helps to calm him down. Using all the energy that it takes to calm him down, causes her to calm down. He is very important to Anne."

His mom, Maria, is also helping out with the production as an assistant to the producer and director.

This is Michael's 14th play with the JCT. Off the island, he has also appeared in "Into the Woods" for Fantasy Works in East Greenwich, played the role of the Artful Dodger in "Oliver" at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford, and the young Duke of York in "Richard the III," produced by Brown University and the Trinity Rep Consortium in Providence.

He is a seventh-grader at the Montessori School in Exeter.

Asked if he'd picked up any hobbies since we last spoke, Mike chuckled and retorted, "Acting is the most time consuming thing anyone can do."

He does fill in rare free time with singing and dancing lessons.

Ending our talk he said, "This is a great play. It's very important that the youth and adults of America know what happened during World War II."


With winter finally upon us, Richard Botelho wonders why residents find it necessary to park their cars in the street when snow is in the forecast?

"Why can't they park them in the driveway, put them in the garage or on the lawn? The plow driver can then make a clear sweep of the street coming as close to the edge of the roadway and driveways as possible and not 6 feet away.

"It's common sense. However, in this day and age common sense is not too common."

Amen, Richard.


A classic example of the lack of common sense was shown last week when flashing TV promotion devices brought the city of Boston to its knees.

The question is, why didn't one of the first responders merely take one down and look at it?

Plus, to compound the fiasco, when it was all over the feds praised the city for its stupidity.

We are governed by idiots.


It was like being in the twilight zone Friday when we approached the Four Corners and saw an advertisement for the Jamestown Community Theatre's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" from a few years back.


Don't let your pet get lazy and fat during the cold weather, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

"With the cold weather here and most of our pets unable to go skiing or snowshoeing it is all too common for them to put on a few extra pounds in the winter. Make a concerted effort to do more indoor activities with your pet if they are not going for the long walks or runs that they are used to the rest of the year. Many pets can get bored and anxious if they are not well exercised. Playing games like tug of war or using soft rubber frisbees for indoor play can help burn some of those calories.

"Providing distractions for them like the Kong chew toys, those "treat balls" that drop kibble when played with, and hiding treats around the house for your pet to hunt for can occupy them and keep them from getting bored when the weather outside is too harsh for man and beast."

"To err is human, to forgive canine." - anonymous

"Life is like a dogsled team: if you aren't the lead dog, the scenery never changes."

Both seen on a bumper sticker on the wall at a vacumn store.



*The Rocket Dawgz are stirring from their six-month slumber and feel the need to blow something up. To do that, they need your help. It's never too early to feed the dawgz. Send your contributions for the Fourth to the Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835.



It's good to see a crooked former legislator actually going to jail, with more to come.

You see, there is hope.


At the Jamestown Fire Department's Feb. 1 quarterly meeting, five members of the Training Company who had fulfilled their obligations became active members.

They are Gary Largess, Peter Largess, Jodie Woodside, Dan Lavallee, and Will Kitts.

Kudos to the new members.

During January, the department certified some 40 active and trainee members in CPR and AED operations. Firefighter James Ingari was the lead instructor assisted by Firefighter Sandy Paterson and JEMS EMT Cheryl Serpa.


Kudos to island violinist Jason Gorelick, who has been chosen to play with the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra for the 2007 season.


With St. Valentine's Day coming up next Wednesday, we'd like to put you in the mood with the words of the greatest love poem ever written. Scotland's Robert Burns put these same words to a tune titled "Major Graham" in 1745.

O, my luve's like a red, red rose,

That's newly sprung in June. O, my luve's like the melodie, That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonie lass,

So deep in luve am I,

And I will luve thee still, my Dear,

Till a' the seas gang fry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my Dear,

And the rocks melt wi' the sun!

O I will luve thee still, my Dear,

While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only Luve,

And fare thee weel a while!

And I will come again, my Luve,

Tho' it were ten thousand mile!


On this date in 1910, the Boy Scouts was founded.

Monday marks the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, who was born in 1809.

Wednesday is St. Valentine's Day. Don't forget to get in that order or reservation for your sweetie.


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