2007-02-08 / Letters to the Editor

Voters spoke on highway barn

Once again, it has been suggested that the highway barn be placed on Lot 71 on East Shore Road where Eldred Avenue used to come in, now next to the entrance and exit to the cross-island expressway.

Here are some problems involved in considering this area:

First: There are restrictions on the use of this land because the state recognizes the archaeologically sensitive nature of this area and the residential character of the neighborhood.

Second: There are many children in neighboring houses who are not accustomed to having trucks of all sizes erupting into East Shore Road.

Third: Since the area is clearly visible from the cross-island expressway, the traveling public and residents would get a very industrial impression of Jamestown.

Fourth: There are many residents adjacent to Lot 71 who are dependent on wells for their water. How will these be affected by their potentially polluting neighbor, especially as the wells are already sensitive due to their proximity to sea water?

Fifth: Let us not forget that the voters of Jamestown, years ago, bought the north end property with the explicit intention that the highway barn be built there. Recently, the voters of Jamestown re-affirmed this intention in an islandwide vote of almost 2-1. We live in a democracy: What gives anyone the right to disregard this clearly voiced will of the people?

Lisa G. Tyre, East Shore Road

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