2007-02-15 / Letters to the Editor

I'm proud not to be rich

I am writing in response to Peter Salvatore's letter regarding affordable housing in today's Jamestown Press. Mr. Salvatore's letter regarding his opinion on the need (or no need) for afford- able housing in Jamestown infuriated me.

I can only hope that his point of view finds itself in the minority here. I wonder what Mr. Salvatore proposes the senior citizen who has lived and worked here all his/ her life, unable to keep up with the cost of living, should go now that he or she doesn't deserve to live here anymore? Or the handicapped person who was unlucky enough to be born here, unable to support himself outside of the small amount of money he gets from the government? He needs to go.

Maybe we could take them over to the pier in front of Mr. Salvatore's mansion and toss them into the ocean so they can float over to a community that has more sense than money.

Mr. Salvatore's elitist island of millionaires and mansions who import their labor from elsewhere is disheartening. I have never been prouder to be not rich and refined.

Diane Hodrick,


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