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Single-family home application recommended for approval

By Michaela Kennedy

The Planning Commission approved a proposal to construct a new house, and continued reviewing two others at its Feb. 7 meeting, with a quorum of four out of seven board members.

Three commissioners supported the application for Rosemary Baron to build a two-bedroom house on North Bayview Drive. Commissioner Richard Ventrone objected to the dimensions of the design, but chose to abstain rather than oppose the plan. "I can't vote against it just because it's long and skinny," Ventrone said.

The revised application included additional impervious area for the patio in the drainage calculations and a grass swale along the front of the property, according to correspondence from Michael Darveau of RCC Enterprises. Darveau modified the plan in response to requests from the commission at its December meeting.

Baron will now have to take the house plan before the Zoning Board of Review.

In new business, the commission agreed to continue a development plan review for applicant Frank Henderson for building on Luther Street, due to complaints about the proposed size of the structure. The applicant would need to seek zoning relief for the proposed setbacks, Town Planner Lisa Bryer noted in a memorandum to the commission.

"This structure, though good looking, is far too large for the lot," Ventrone said. The design did not fit into the village character of the town, he also said.

Commission Chairman Gary Girard agreed that the building was too big for the lot.

The property is zoned commercial limited, and the town's building official, Fred Brown, determined the use to be personal service, or office, according to Bryer.

Commissioner Betty Hubbard pointed out problems with the parking lot, although she went praised the proposed concept, saying she had "great sympathy" for expansion in the downtown district.

Also in new business, Architect Chris Tucker presented a development plan for applicant Beth Smith to replace an existing house with a three-bedroom home on Orient Avenue. The plan included a garage and above-ground pool.

Girard argued that the plan was not complete, and asked for more "numbers." He drew attention to the square footage around the proposed deck and pool, which was not included as impervious cover. "That's all considered coverage, too," he said. Girard also said the property was not zoned for a twofamily house, noting the kitchen and bathroom over the garage.

Bryer added that the plan needed to meet the setbacks for an accessory structure.

Commissioner Victor Calabretta expressed concern for the 5 feet of fill included in the design. "That will be a vertical wall," he said. He also noted that the driveway would not be part of the drainage. "We're building another island," he said.

The commissioners agreed to a continuance of the review. They asked the architect to reduce the size of the house, think about giving up the pool, and give more consideration to the drainage. "You have to tone it down to something that fits on the property," Calabretta said.

The planning budget for fiscal year 2007-2008 was tabled until the next meeting.

Commissioners Jean Brown, Barry Holland, and Michael White were absent.

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