2007-02-22 / About Town

Lawn Avenue School honor roll

Lawn Avenue School has announced its second quarter honor roll. Students named were:

Grade 8

Exemplary Performance: Jessica Brown, Hannah Cordes, Caia Diepenbrock, Lili Flour, Julia Hansen, Eric Holtzman, Kaitlin Marquis, and Andrew Sakovits.

High Performance: Carla Aveledo, Daniel Hansen, Annie Langan, Benjamin Thompson, and Dylan Vogel.

Grade 7

Exemplary Performance: Sydney Keen, Nicole Perez, Georgia Wright, Jessica Rudman, Danny Bailey, Maia White, and Sarah Smith.

High Performance: Daniel Gorelick, Nicholas Fay, Caitlin Schnack, Jessica Safford, Ellen Bednarczyk, Jacob Morris, Danielle Jennings, and Shannon Sheekey.

Notable Performance: Jack Clarke and Ivy Burns.

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