2007-02-22 / Letters to the Editor

Affordable housing and our neighbors

I would like to respond to the recent letters to the editor regarding affordable-housing, almost an oxymoron here with the current lowest price on the island at $385,000!

I believe there is a mentality that affordable housing translates to higher taxes, lower property values, and more problems. Those assumptions are incorrect.

Likely just as incorrect as the assumptions that the wealthy place new burdens on the town such as the need for more police to break up their unsupervised kid's parties, or demands that a recreation department have in place programs to act as surrogate parent so they might enjoy yet another nightout clubbing together or perhaps it's additional patrol cars to rid the neighborhoods of those pesky fishermen who's catch might be the one good meal the family has that week.

Likely though, it is the same mentality that led to the Baby Jesus being born in a Manger: "no room at the inn, pal."

The hard facts are on Jamestown, affordable housing leads to lower taxes, and more affordable conveniences for all.

And, clearly, to a lot more desirable neighbors.

Chris J. Crawford, member, Affordable Housing Comittee

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