2007-03-01 / News

Teachers squeak past students in annual Lawn school hoop match

By Adrienne Downing

When there are two basketball teams, shouting fans, a band playing the ESPN theme song, a halftime shooting contest, and a mascot all in action, there must be something major going on.

This was the scene at Lawn Avenue School at a recent afternoon during the student-faculty basketball game.

The boys' and girls' basketball teams combined to form one team and took on a team comprised of teachers and administrators.

The unique game format allowed for everyone to have playing time. The teams played five 4- minute periods and one 6-minute period. An elaborate white-board covered with teams and times kept everyone on track as to who was rotating into the game and when. During the 4-minute periods, the teams were evenly mixed with boys and girls of all grade levels, but the eighth-graders were given some extra playing time and time to shine during the final 6-minute period.

The teachers came out strong in the beginning of the game and were not about give in and let their charges take the easy win.

Not to be outdone, the students looked tough and had mounted a 15-13 lead at halftime.

At one point, gym teacher and referee, Eric Bush, decided to get in on the action by taking an errant ball and shooting for the teachers. It is still not clear which team he was trying to help, the teachers by attempting the shot or the students by missing it.

After a lively back and forth second half, which featured Spanish teacher Micheala Onosko, in her helicopter beanie, the students led by 1 going into the final period and it looked as though they were going to pull off the win.

The teachers, led by Jim "Kaveman" Kazinski, pulled ahead by 3 points in the closing minute of the game. Eighth-grader Ben Thompson sunk a shot and got fouled with just 6 seconds remaining, giving the students a chance to tie the game and possibly send it to overtime. Thompson looked very sure of himself as he stood in for the foul shot, but it just wouldn't drop for him and the teachers took the 26-25 win.

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