2007-03-08 / Letters to the Editor

Island should be for everyone

My family has been living in Jamestown for over fifty years. During these years we have experienced many changes on the island; some were good and some were not.

I believe every child dreams of raising their own family in a place similar to where they have grown up. With the price of real estate outpacing the average household, few people can afford to rent, not to mention buy, a home either on or off Jamestown.

Mr. Salvatore makes the notion that other island communities such as Martha's Vineyard do not have lowincome housing. This belief is absolutely false. I know many people on the Vineyard. Some own their own homes and some live in lowincome housing. They treat each other with both dignity and respect.

Our country was set on a few basic principles. One of the core factors is "The Pursuit of Happiness." A very critical part to a person in pursuit of happiness is quality and affordable housing, as well the comfort of a home.

Yes, Mr. Salvatore our island does have bridges for those who want to come and stay and live here with all of our diversity and for the other people that want to leave. So if you want to stay that is great but if you prefer to leave, that is up to you. If you are unable to pay for the toll bridge, I am sure we could take a collection up for you.

In closing, to paraphrase radio commentator Paul Harvey, Sr. "People move to a place because it reminds them of the place they grew up and as soon as they get there they want to change it."

Robert Goode

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