2007-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to play cast for a job well done

"It doesn't get better than this" should be the title of my letter recognizing the brilliant achievement of the Jamestown Community Theater's production of "Yours, Anne," which closed Sunday.

First, the cast: every single member sung with a voice straight from heaven, with a kind of majesty rare in even the best of musical performances anywhere. Then, the acting, as superb as the singing, and consistent- not a weak link in the chain. Mary Wright's brilliant direction, though, accomplished something truly extraordinary and that was to reveal that art has the power to transform and ultimately save us. It's not an easy thing to take a historically-based play (let alone an opera of sorts) and make it speak to the present, to our present. "Yours, Anne accomplished this with the searing tragic power of great art and artistry.

To cast, crew, production, and director of the Jamestown Community Theater, bravo for a luminous and unforgettable performance. Jody Ziegler Jamestown

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