2007-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Lot 47 and expansion of the public works

Mr. Sutton, former Town Administrator, in his letter to the editor, stated "he originally proposed to the Jamestown Town Council that Lot 47, adjacent to the landfill, be purchased for the specific purpose of locating and constructing a new highway garage." Mr. Sutton may be confusing the Lot 47 purchase with some of the other properties purchased during his tenure.

To set the record straight the following is extracted and quoted verbatim from the December 9, 1985 town council meeting records.

"Mr Sutton presented a sales agreement for the recommended purchase of 3.78 acres west of the JTRS. He cited two reasons for purchase: 1) possibility of future expansion by the Department of Public Works, and 2) the land's proximity to the site of the landfill might pose problems with future owners if the property in question if purchased by someone other than the Town."

As evidenced above, the proposed purchase was not to specifi- cally build a highway garage, but for a possible site for future expansion of the Public Works Department or as a buffer to problems the landfill might cause in the future. A buffer is defined as a safeguard, defense, shield or barrier, and since the property- in the purchase proposal was described as having the potential to pose a problem let it continue in its present role as safeguard and shield for landfill.       Raymond Iannetta 1219 North Main Road

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