2007-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

JEMS does more for town than put out fires

It can't be said often enough: Jamestown is extremely fortunate to have the dedicated volunteers both in the fire department and JEMS. In the last two months we have had personal experiences with both organizations. In one case members of JEMS responded to an emergency call for my wife who was in excruciating pain. With a great deal of care and sympathy they transported her to the hospital, the end result being major back surgery. The crew that responded to our call for help - Rick and Nancy Ventrone, along with Prim Bullock - were caring, sympathetic and very professional.

Recently, a neighbor who has been away for the winter asked if I would check her house. I opened the front door to the sound of rushing water. The pipes had frozen. I checked the cellar and there was a lot of water in the small utility room under the house.

A call to the Jamestown Fire Department led to an immediate and as usual a very efficient and professional response. Pumps arrived via one of the department's pick-up trucks escorted by a police cruiser. In addition, a number of volunteers, including Chief Jim Bryer, arrived and immediately went to work checking electrical currents for possible fire hazards. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Howie Tighe along with another crew of firemen got pumps started emptying the basement of water. They also started an initial clean-up of the living area and Louie Kitts supplied the names of several restoration & water clean up companies.

A heart felt thank you to both organizations for the usual job well done.               Bill Kelly 76 Reservoir Circle The writer serves on the Town Council.

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