2007-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Please stop aggressive driving on island

Over 34 years ago I moved here and began to enjoy the quiet, friendly and pleasant people and surroundings of this island. No one was hurried and everyone respected your privacy.

I lived in the "shores", drove down the unpaved roads and around potholes but rarely complained.

As time went on, I bought land and built my home on a narrow road in an undeveloped area of the island. That road was East Shore Road and it was nearly 30 years ago.

New homeowners moved in and the road was widened. These drivers appear to be in a terrible rush. The speed limits of 25 to 35 MPH seem to be ignored by most of them. Pulling out of my driveway is dangerous at times. Vehicles drive the roads at excessive rates, ride your bumper, pass on the double yellow line and continue at speeds used on a major highway.

Because I have almost been in 3 collisions this past year, as a result of these aggressive drivers, I have reported many license plate numbers to the police. Our overworked and short-staffed police cannot do it all. So please slow down on all our roads; for safety's sake, if nothing else.

Drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery that we have here. Many of you moved here to get away from the fast paced lifestyle, please don't bring it here. Tom Stolarz Jamestown

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