2007-03-22 / Letters to the Editor

Antenna placement study needed

Over the last year, my family has suffered very serious health issues connected to EMF's (electro magnetic frequencies) or electro pollution. We have become quite knowledgeable about this very dangerous pollutant and the ways to protect ourselves. Limiting exposure is key. We are extremely concerned about the new antennas that have been approved by our zoning board to be added to the two antennas already in place on the water tower.

A very pertinent fact to the dangers of electro pollution is that our Supreme Court passed the following law:

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits local governments from rejecting wireless facilities based on health concerns as long as the stations conform to Federal Communication standards.

Following is part of a correspondence that I received from a woman who is an expert in this area:

"The town must require that a thorough analysis of the RF radiation be done by an independent RF expert before any further antennas are added. This analysis should include both computer modeling and actual measurements of the current radiation patterns. There is usually a lot of metal in the structure of a water tank, i.e., the tank itself and the supports that hold it up. This metal acts as a reflective surface for the radiation, just as light reflects off a mirror. This can cause standing waves, also called "hot spots", where the intensity of the radiation is magnified by a factor of four. With the number of antennas already present, it may be that the allowed RF emission limits are being exceeded. The only way to know is to measure. Measurements should then be compared to the computer models of the radiation patterns, called RF propagation studies, that the wireless company has calculated would be emitted when they did the engineering for this site.

This can show a common problem with the FCC RF safety policy. Each wireless company is responsible only for its own RF radiation propagation characteristics. No wireless company is required by the FCC to analyze how its RF radiation will interact with the radiation from other companies' antennas on the same site. There have been cases where the cumulative intensities of RF coming from several antenna arrays at one site have exceeded the allowed FCC limits. If there are other metal structures nearby, such as metal roofs or chain link fences, more "hot spots" can occur when the RF radiation hits those structures as well.

I'm attaching the CV of an excellent RF expert who does computer modeling studies for municipalities and for private citizens. I have also attached the CV of a man from Great Barrington, MA , who is an RF expert who has the instruments to do field measurements. Your town should require the wireless company to pay for this independent analysis as part of the application fees for a zoning permit."

According to my research, the RF radiation from the water tower can mushroom out, and homes at a distance can be more affected than homes that are actually closer to it. So the entire village is at risk. We must be sure that the TOTAL RF radiation from ALL of the antennas does not exceed the standards issued by the FCC.

I have a multitude of information including websites, if anyone would like to contact me. My favorite is www.safewireless.org. I also have information on the expert who was kind enough to share her vast knowledge of this subject to hopefully benefit our community.

I have forwarded the above correspondence to Bruce Keiser. My hope is that we can use our power as a community to halt the installation of the new antennas until the safety studies have been completed. It is imperative for the health of our community that our beautiful island not be polluted by prohibited levels of electro pollution. Reenie Rubino     Jamestown

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