2007-03-22 / Letters to the Editor

Let the Girl Scouts deliver those cookies

I'm a mother who has a daughter in Girl Scouts in Jamestown. The new school law states the Girl Scouts can't sell cookies in school to their friends or their teachers.

The school claims it can only do this if it's a fundraiser for the school.

Well, this so called "Jamestown school law" just started. The girls already sold cookies in school but now this so called "law" says we can't deliver our cookies in school. This is called the Jamestown school law, but first someone from the school said it was a statewide law.

I asked a few teachers from the towns near us. They have never heard of this law. Girl scouts are selling and delivering their cookies.

Girl Scouts and their cookies have been around for years, and all you do-gooders out there will not stop them. Someone gave the orders to stop this. I wonder who? In the Jamestown school, this is unbelievable. Gail Sylvia Jamestown

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