2007-03-22 / Letters to the Editor

Performance was perfectly executed

One of the most moving performances ever presented by the Jamestown Community Theatre occurred over the previous two weekends at Central Baptist Church. The musical setting of Yours Anne, based on the life of Anne Frank, was perfectly matched to the play and well executed by pianist, Janet Grant, and her assistants, Barbara Davis, flute, and Judy Boles, violin. Because the impact of the presentation was so profound, and its recognition of the horror of the Holocaust through the writing of a teenage girl, the audience was stunned for several minutes in silent tribute. While the cast was momentarily recognized and applauded, the profound moment, quiet understandably, was not broken for the usual tribute to the musicians.

The musical writing for the play was so perfectly matched to its mood, the main burden being given to the piano in a demanding role. The occasional musical "embroidery" of the instrumentalists added the finishing touch to a worthy score. Accolades to Mary Wright, for whom this was a long-sought venture, and to all who brought this play to life and enriched this community by their presentation. Constance Andrews             Jamestown

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