2007-03-22 / News

Town will again sell fishing licenses

By Dotti Farrington

Town Clerk Arlene Petit advised town councilors earlier this month that her office would continue to issue state fishing licenses as a community service, regardless of the outcome of proposed legislation affecting the licenses.

State Representative Bruce Long (R-Jamestown, Middletown) reported that legislation is being drafted to increase the license fees to help cover costs of issuing them. He said he favors provisions for half of the fees, ranging from $18 to $40, to be paid to the town clerks who issue the licenses.

Petit noted that some proposed legislation enables town clerks to choose not to issue the licenses because some offices are too small to absorb the cost and work associated with them. She said she supports that option for clerks who so choose, but she vowed that her Jamestown office would continue to offer the licenses, regardless of whatever changes are made in state laws.

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