2007-03-22 / News

Tips for controlling coyotes in Jamestown

The NBCS asks that residents practice the following habits to help limit the number of coyotes in Jamestown:

1. Never feed coyotes or leave out foods that might attract them. Secure all trash. Coyotes eat fruit, cereals, meats, small animals, and carrion.

2. Never feed pets outside.

3. Bring small pets inside at night or accompany them in heavily used coyote areas - any pet of woodchuck size or smaller is at risk.

4. A safe cat is an indoor cat. Outdoor cats or cat colonies are a magnet for coyotes.

5. If coyotes are staring at you, or following you, they probably think you are going to feed them. Remember many coyotes are trained to expect food from people.

6. Anyone uncomfortable with coyotes near them should yell or clap their hands loudly. Coyotes are very nervous animals, and should leave especially if it looks like someone is going to approach them. If this does not work, yell and throw something.

7. Coyotes are not as big as people might think. The largest male coyotes weigh about 50 pounds - even though they are frequently reported to look 70 to 100 pounds.

8. Remember: fat coyotes are fertile coyotes. They have plenty of natural foods in Jamestown (mice, rats, woodchucks, rabbits, geese) they don't need more.

The NBCS Website is at www. theconservationagency.org/coyote.

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