2007-03-29 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to JTPPC for all their hard work

While packing files and making my final notes as outgoing vice chairman of the Jamestown Tree Preservation and Protection Committee (JTPPC), I thought about the loveliness of this island and the great presence of green. I also thought about the fine people in the community who have taken that extra step to procure and secure the health and beauty of our landscape.

Since its inception in 2002, the seven-member board of the JTPPC, charged by the Town Council, has been in the business of aiding the tree warden with the planting, nurturing, and maintenance of all trees on public roads in Jamestown. It has designed and developed a number of policies to preserve and protect those trees. It has secured and monitored procedures for planting and pruning, as well as tree removal to the benefit and safety of our residents.

Jamestown has received the designation as Tree City, USA, for a number of years. The title is not undemanding. Planting and watering, compilations of tree inventories, horticultural and arboricultural education, community beautification projects, notable tree routes, and the dedication of a committee of tree enthusiasts are all necessary requirements in receiving this honorable distinction. While I have always been humbled by the splendor of trees, I am truly proud to have had the opportunity to serve the community as a member of this essential board.

Having had the pleasure of working with the devoted citizens of Jamestown, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all past board members whom I did not get to run with, but who laid the rich loam from which we grew. Emmet Turley, Matthew Largess, Barry Holland, Frank Andres, Michael White, Patrick Driscoll and, lest ye not forget, Robert Dolan. To the new and enthusiastic members, Walter Boll, Edwina Cloherty, and Jim Rugh. To the greatest tree stewards and community volunteers, Hazel Turley, Dave Volpe and his fantastic Boy Scouts, Julie Kallfelz and her super Girl Scouts, Melissa Minto with her awesome teens. To the Town Council for their support, and to Arlene Petit and Lisa Bryer for their guidance. To Bucky Brennan, Dave Dolce, the Lawn and Melrose schools staff and students, and Jim Kaczynski. To the always-dependable Department of Public Works (DPW). Thanks guys! And to our tree warden, arborist David Nickerson for his years of service as a paid professional, as well as for his volunteer efforts.

If you ever find yourself wondering what purpose the JTPPC serves, just look up and around - you will see the beauty of their work.               Judith DiBello Past Vice Chair, JTPPC

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