2007-03-29 / Letters to the Editor

Coyote menace a growing problem

Over the past few years the island's pets have been held hostage by coyotes in Jamestown. I recall a number of years ago the divisiveness on this island when the leash law was passed. Now our dogs can rarely go out in their own backyards without being on a leash or having their owner right next to them because of this unwelcome predator.

Cats also have to be secured at home. No more days for them enjoying an afternoon in the garden!

Every May 1, I think of our beloved 11-year-old pug, Mary, who was killed two years ago by a coyote on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. (Her completely mangled, invisible fence collar was returned to us by a hunter many months later.) In addition, two times within the past eight months, I've witnessed a coyote skulk out of the brush to attack another of our dogs (she's larger than a woodchuck I might add). It was my screams and her fight that scared it off, but our pet was left with multiple neck punctures.

Unfortunately, there are too many Jamestowners who have similar stories.

Is this town going to wait until a coyote attacks a young child who may be having their snack or lunch outdoors? It seems that the inevitable will happen someday. If this animal is getting so comfortable on our island that we have to be concerned that one might be staring at us or following us, I suggest considering something "more proactive." If we can catch coyotes in order to put a monitoring device on them, how about taking these same animals for a nice long drive over a couple of bridges to the deep woods somewhere (far away from those who want to have their children and pets safely enjoy the outdoors)?

I can only speak for myself, but I wouldn't miss those late night, blood-curdling howls emanating from our backyards as they make a kill.     Joan Goldstein 340 Beavertail Rd.

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