2007-04-05 / Front Page

School board's Kaiser commended

The Rhode Island Association of School Committees (RIASC) recently recognized Catherine Kaiser, chairwoman of the Jamestown School Committee, for participating in the association's professional development program. Kaiser will now receive recognition by the Rhode Island Board of Regents for completing the required professional development hours through RIASC's Leadership Development Academy.

Kaiser has served on the Jamestown School Committee since 2001. She is currently the chairwoman of that committee and is also a member of the RIASC's Executive Committee. She was the 2004 recipient of the Howard Kay Award, given annually to an outstanding school committee member.

RIASC commended Kaiser for her commitment to ongoing professional development and for her dedication to her governance role and the Jamestown public school students.

In 2004 the RIASC was instrumental in passing a law calling for a voluntary professional development program for school committee members. After a year of planning and a national survey of school committee training, the Leadership Development Academy was formed. Upon completion of 15 hours of approved training in a two-year period, school committee members receive special recognition from the Rhode Island Board of Regents. RIASC has held a number of professional development sessions.

Session topics have included Collective Bargaining, Roles and Responsibilities, Ethics, Open Meetings, Community Engagement and Media Relations.

The Rhode Island Association of School Committees is a nonprofit association dedicated to training and improving the effectiveness of Rhode Island school committee members in meeting their role and responsibilities to students, parents, administrators, and taxpayers, while playing a leading role in shaping and advocating public education policy at the state and national levels.

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