2007-04-05 / Letters to the Editor

Follow up on tree committee story

Where to start? In the March 29 Press report of the Jamestown Tree Preservation and Protection Committee's meeting of March 20th, I was quoted as follows: "the tree inventory isn't going anywhere," and that I hadn't heard back from the school on my most recent message. I did say that and at the time it was correct. Obviously I had not made it clear enough that I was waiting for a further response from Mr. Kazcynski, the innovative and respected eighth grade science teacher. If anyone deserves "thanks" it is Mr. Kazcynski because he does respond and had been trying to get students involved. But his youngsters, he explained, are very busy and in his response of Monday, the 26th, he even offered to try to find a way to work the inventory into his schedule. He and I set up a time to meet. All of this occurred before the report in the Press came out. I extend a public apology to Mr. Kazcynski for my insensitive statement, which may have led readers to draw other conclusions. I hope we can still work together.

Praise for Robert Morton Ranney who manages to capture in his reports the essence and salient points covered in the Committee's meetings, clearly not an easy task. Please keep it up.

The Committee has a busy year ahead: Arbor Day activities, an educational session on proper mulching techniques for recently planted trees, a structural soil demonstration, and participation in the Town's 350th anniversary.           Sincerely, Edwina Cloherty       Chairwoman

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