2007-04-05 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

There'll be no Peter Rabbit nor Bugs Bunny at the Jamestown Women's Club's annual Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday morning on Shoreby Hill.

At least they haven't been invited. But the Easter Bunny has been asked to show up with everyone else at 10 sharp, rain or shine.

Prizes will be awarded in several categories, including pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first through fourth grades. There will be an egg toss for fifth and sixth grades.

Kids should bring their own basket to hold the candy and prizes.

Give the Easter Bunny a big hug.


The songs and dances in "Going Home," the Jamestown Community Chorus concerts of May 5 and 6, are going to reflectthe heritage of members of the chorus.

Some of the selections may be familiar to those who have French, Italian, Irish, or Swedish backgrounds, but there are some like "Apamuy Shungo," from Ecuador, "Regle," from Poland, and "Cabbage Tree Hat," from Australia, that will probably be brand new to the audience.

One of the highlights of the program will be dancing by eight members of the chorus who have been practicing the rhythms of music from foreign nations. Christine Ariel, Barbara Haskell, Don Haskell, Andria Morenzi, Pat Perry, George Rice, B. J. Whitehouse, and Laura Yentsch will take part in the Italian Tarantella, Turkey's Agir Halay, and Scotland's The Gay Gordons!

The chorus is under the direction of B.J. Whitehouse.

General admission tickets are $11, and seniors and children are $7. The concerts will be held on May 5 at 7:30 p.m., and May 6 at 3 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church, 99 Narragansett Ave. Reservations may be made by calling 423-1574. Tickets will be available in mid- April at Baker's Pharmacy, Jamestown Hardware, the Secret Garden, from chorus members, or at the door. Visit www.jamestownri. com/chorus for further information.


Also, the chorus is extending its application deadline for a $500 music award that can be used to purchase music books, pay for music lessons or music workshops, undergraduate musical education ,or other expenses related to music development among Jamestown residents, high school age and older.

The new deadline is April 13. Stop by the library for an application or call Lynn Normand for more information at 423-9656.


The island's favorite "snow birds" are back in their nest at the creek.


The mention of shamrocks by Father O'Neill in his thoughts about his native Ireland in the March 15 column brought back some memories to islander Anna Templeton-Cotill.

Speaking of her travels to Europe in the late 40s, Anna said, "In the days after the war when it took 24 hours to flythe Atlantic you stopped at Reykjavik, Iceland, or at Shannon, Ireland, for a meal. Food was not served on the plane.

"In Shannon we used to dash to the edge of the tarmac to grab a few shamrocks from the rough grass before we went in to eat. Raised in the United States we were well aware of the shamrocks in Ireland."


If your pet seems to be slowing down there may be a reason says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic in his Pet Tip of the Week.

"As our pets get older they are likely to develop joint changes and arthritis. Some pets show obvious lameness especially in the morning or after exercise. Other pets just seem to slow down or take stairs more slowly. "The approach to arthritis is threefold. First off, weight management is extremely important because every extra pound causes additional wear and tear that is avoidable with proper diet and exercise. Secondly, supplementing with additional glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are building blocks of cartilage, will help to slow the degeneration of your pet's joints. Finally, we commonly recommend one or more arthritis medicines to both control pain and swelling at the joints. These pain relievers are prescription only and although comparable to aspirin, they are dog specific and preferred for the treatment of arthritis. Never use Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, or any other medicine on your pet without consulting your animal's veterinarian as some can be very toxic to your pet."


The PAC Club's Mary Wharton was singing a poser last week. "I've got a crush on you......."


Since when has the Community Center reverted back to being referred to as the Recreation Center?


Kudos to Jamestown School third-grader Noah Simmons who placed third in the Rhode Island AAA Traffic Safety Poster contest.

The poster was completed at Art Club under the tutelage of Jan Kraus.


How long will it take and at what cost to remove the lead from the keeper's house at Beavertail before a family can move in?


There's only 12 weeks before the big KA-BOOMS at Mackerel Cove. Support the Rocket Dawgz and let us blow up your money by sending your contributions to the Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835.



Check out the large animal bones on the top of the meat counter at Ryan's Market in Wickford.

Ryan's is the only market in Rhode Island that still orders its meats hanging. Hence the super bones. Joshua, our 10-year-old vallhund, has been working on one for over a week.


Let's see if we have this right. We donate money to farmers so they don't clear their fields. This allows bobolinks to - well, you know.

Is that about it?


Coming soon to this column - new arrivals from the pet world. If a new pet has joined your household, call or e-mail us with the type of pet, age, name and residence and we'll welcome the newcomer to the island.


Tomorrow is Army Day, hug a soldier.

*** Happy Easter!!


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