2007-04-12 / Island History

Historian donates Dutch Island gun battery sign

Walter Schroder, the wellknown historian and a former member of the Board of Trustees of the Jamestown Historical Society, recently gave the JHS a Battery Mitchell sign from Fort Greble.

Battery Mitchell was a 6-inch disappearing gun battery at the Dutch Island fort. The metal sign, with the name of the battery in white enamel on a blue background, is 6 feet long and 9 inches high and dates from before World War I.

The Battery Mitchell sign follows the same design as three other signs in the JHS collection that are from batteries at Fort Wetherill. A photograph of the Fort Wetherill signs is currently on display at the Jamestown Philomenian Library in the JHS Fort Wetherill exhibit.

The JHS collects a wide scope of materials about this community, icluding, historical artifacts; coins, paper currency and medals; photographs; works of art; costumes and textiles; maps and architectural drawings; and books and manuscripts. They are actively seeking donations. To inquire about donating, please call or email the JHS collection committee co-chair Sue Maden at 423-2167 or sdmaden@ aol.com or e-mail the JHS at jhs@ jamestownri.com.

Photographs and records of much of the current collections can be viewed on the society's web site at jamestownhistoricalsociety. org.

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