2007-04-12 / Letters to the Editor

Save the vista on Conanicus Avenue

The Town Zoning Board recently entertained an application for a zoning variance to build on a triangular waterfront lot, approximately 6,300 square feet in area, located in East Ferry approximately one hundred yards south of the marina. To the credit of the zoning board, the application was denied.

I don't think the drama should or will now end. The owner of the property may present a new application for a modified design. The neighbors will be required to gear up again to fight it. Even if a new application is not presented, this piece of land should be preserved for public use. The land is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful uninterrupted vistas on the island. From the marina south to Brook Street, one has an open view of the Newport Bridge and Newport. Perhaps it is a reflection of one of the may quaint ironies of living in Jamestown that such a spectacular piece of real estate is delineated by an ugly dented guardrail.

I am asking the Town Council to support the taking of this piece of land by eminent domain to forever eliminate the possibility of its development as a single family home. In addition, I am asking the town to develop a long range plan to make this entire stretch a pedestrian friendly boardwalk, with places for people to sit and enjoy the view.

There is no reason for this piece of land with such a spectacular vista to look like a vacant city lot, and there is no reason for the entire stretch of real estate lying south of the marina to be defined by an ugly guardrail. Mark Liberati     Jamestown

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