2007-04-12 / Letters to the Editor

Reconsider the new town hall windows

The construction of our new Town Hall is progressing and the overall appearance of the building is taking shape. As the building comes together, I observe that special steel supports have been erected in the northwest corner of the first floor.

It appears that this steel work is an additional expense necessitated by the large storefront windows in the design plans. In my opinion, these storefront windows are unsuitable for a structure that is to be wed to our old Town Hall.

If the style of the building is meant to reflect an earlier time in our 350-year history, then the building should adhere to simplicity. The windows at the northwest corner should be the same doublehung windows as on the rest of the building facades - north and west - visible from Narragansett Avenue.

The storefront windows are incongruous. They do not relate to anything else on the Town Hall. What's next, large storefront windows on a restored museum across the street?

Please reconsider these windows. Thank you. Mary McGrath Wester                   Jamestown

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