2007-04-12 / Letters to the Editor

Recycle to slow down global warming

My name is Megan Lepre and I am a senior at North Kingstown High School. I have been taking part in a Senior Exhibition program since September. The Senior Exhibition program was created this year to allow English students to demonstrate their ability to write, speak, apply knowledge and problem solve while using skills such as time management, organization and risk taking. The English teachers preferred their students to choose a topic that nourishes their interest of choice and will help stretch their learning ability.

Due to my strong concern about our environment, I chose to have my Senior Exhibition based on the issue of Global Warming. My goal is to teach others about how recycling is such an important role in slowing down this issue. The first requirement of the exhibition was to write a ten-page paper on the topic while taking a position and proving it with supportive facts. After several months of research and editing, I handed in my completed senior paper on January 11. The second action was to generate a project that supports your area of focus while applying the knowledge gained during research to plan an event, design a product or improve a system within the community. I chose to improve a system within my community.

During they past few months I sent out surveys on recycling to fifty Jamestown residents and received 43 back. At the bottom of each survey I left an area for any additional comments. More than half of the people took advantage of this space. They added comments such as being able to recycle more objects like yogurt containers, Styrofoam and cardboard. In addition, two ideas that were brought to my attention were to have an increased availability of public recycling cans available in the downtown area and to bring back the opportunity to recycle cardboard at the transfer station. My goal and wish is to make the Town Council aware about not only my concern, but also the rest of the Jamestown community's concern about taking recycling more seri- ously. I would greatly appreciate it if the Town Council would review the information I have collected in a binder and consider the options needed to meet the requests of the Jamestown residents. Megan E. Lepre       Jamestown

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