2007-04-12 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Kudos to Boy Scout Troop 1's Zack Volpe who passed his Eagle Board of Review on March 22 and is now an Eagle Scout.

The 18-year-old attends Landmark School in Beverly, Mass. He has been in scouting for nine years. Volpe hopes for a career in boat building and construction management. The new kayak rack at Ft. Getty is Zack's Eagle Scout project.

Great job!!


An island resident who lived many years in England has put a fresh perspective on the continuing and long-running local dispute about allowing accessory apartments on Jamestown.

Anna Templeton-Cotill wrote saying, "I was delighted to read Jeff McDonough's editorial about accessory apartments. I was not in Jamestown to hear the discussion in 1995 but was certainly surprised at the fuss when I applied later that year to put one over the garage by my son's house! It seemed an obvious solution as my visits became more frequent."

Anna said that in England accessory apartments are called "granny flats," and they are not only permitted, they are encouraged. "To have one, or the possibility of one, adds to the value of your property. What better way to care for elderly parents?"

Anna's other son, a building inspector in England, told her the apartments are officially called "extensions" although they may also be separate from the house. She went on to explain that building regulations must be observed.

"They cannot be sublet nor can they have separate bills. Heating, electricity, sewage, etc. must be handled by the main house. I asked my son how such an arrangement would be policed, and he told me, 'Neighborhood busybodies, you'd be surprised how well it works."

"I might be naughty and point out that there are several such areas of independence attached to local houses in Jamestown. With a stove added, they would be Granny Flats.

"Why not draw up some sensible regulations and make it all legal? And let our elderly relatives stay on the island."

Why not indeed! Thanks, Anna.


When we awoke Easter morning there was a lovely basket of pansies sitting on our back steps.

The Easter Bunny lives!


Many thanks to McQuades' shoppers who put an additional $60 in the Rocket Dawgz collection can. Also to Martha Milot of Highland Drive who sent in her donation.

Mail your check to Fireworks Fund, Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835 or drop it off at the Jamestown Press office.


We noticed that the Red Sox organization continues to distance itself from its fans, particularly its young fans, by televising opening day exclusively on NESN, shutting out families that do not have the cable channel.


Jeanne Spinosa and Barbara- Ann Macintosh responded to last week's poser prompted by Mary Wharton's pleasant voice at the PAC Club.

"I've got a crush on you sweetie pie, all the day and night time hear me cry,

I never had the least notion, that I could fall with so much emotion.

Could you coo, could you care, for a cozy cottage we could share,

The world will pardon my mush, cause I've got a crush my baby on you."

Great tune!


The Jamestown Community Theatre has been nominated for three awards by Motif Magazine, a local performing arts publication.

The theatre's recently performed "Yours, Anne" is up for various categories in theater production. They are: Best Play; Best Director, Mary Wright; and Best Child Actress, Hannah Cordes.

Cast your ballot by going to the Motif Magazine website and follow the link on the right top side of the screen to Vote Theatre Awards and vote.

It helps to jot down differences you notice in your pet's behavior for future reference says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Hospital.

"As veterinarians we rely on you and your family to bring your pet's issues to our attention. One way to keep track of issues is to have a small journal of things you notice that are different or strange with Fluffy or that you want to discuss with your veterinarian.

"This means noting things like new lumps, changes in appetite, odd itching or scratching or any lameness. Also, keeping a journal can help you identify patterns like increased water intake, weight loss, or even seasonal allergies that you may miss otherwise.

"Other notes like questions about medicines or products can be jotted down and inquired about at the next visit. This is also a great way to remind a husband, wife, or pet sitter who brings the pet to the doctor what they are supposed to ask about when you cannot be there, too."



"I may hate myself in the morning.........."


Let's see now. State voters in November said a big no to casinos. Now it's April and there's one going full blast in Lincoln and one about to get much larger in Newport.

So, there!


The Jamestown Fire Department will conduct an all-company drill tonight refining their skills with the tanker and water supply shuttle.

On April 19, there will be an extrication drill emphasizing general scene principles, manual extrication, air bags and stabilization and mechanical extrication.

A mass casualty incident drill with all companies will be held on April 26.

All training sessions begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.


Jamestown Superintendent of Public Works Steve Goslee has an article in the April issue of Guideposts magazine whose cover states it contains "True Stories of Hope and Inspiration."

Steve writes of his two yellow Labs, Lilly and Jack, and how they saved his life after he suffered a major stroke during an autumn hunting trip.


It's spring cleaning time again and instead of throwing everything out, Nora Santamour-Tamboe says hang on to the good stuff for a giant yard sale at the school on Melrose Avenue, which will be held May 12.

The event will benefit the Watson Medical Fund established for 10-year-old Payton Watson who is being treated for leukemia.

Items will be collected the week of May 7. There will also be a bake sale, silent auction and raffles.

Parent volunteers are needed. Questions? Call Nora at 423- 3822.


Boy Scout Troop 1 camped out two weeks ago at the Cachalot Scout Reservation. Scoutmaster Dave Volpe said the troop had a campsite right on the edge of a lake.

Activities included cooking on an open fire, a seven-mile hike that enabled several scouts to complete some of the requirements for advancement in hiking and compass use skills.

Attending were Brian Volpe, Kyle Wright, Dylan Walsh, James Perry, Vaughn Nelson-Lee and Nick Dalton. In addition to Dave Volpe, others lending supervision were John Keavy, Zack Volpe and Kent Dalton.


Islander Patricia "Trish" O'Brien was one of the hosts at the surprise 60th wedding anniversary celebration for her parents, Howard and Stephanie O'Brien of Warwick, at the Bay Voyage on Easter Sunday.

*** Coming soon to this column - new arrivals from the pet world. If a new pet has joined your household call or e-mail us with the type of pet, age, name and residence and we'll welcome the newcomer to the island.

*** Be True!!


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