2007-04-19 / Editorial

Lend a hand with the shoreline cleanup

Earth Day is nearly here. It is a time for remembering that this planet is our only home - our selfcontained spaceship orbiting the sun. We must take good care of Mother Earth. She's all we've got.

For about 17 years Jamestowners have been gathering in the spring to collect the tons of garbage and trash from along the Conanicut Island shoreline. You might say it has become an island rite of spring.

On Saturday, April 21, the annual Earth Day shoreline cleanup will take place. The event is cosponsored by the Jamestown Conservation Commission and the Conanicut Island Land Trust.

Volunteers will meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Community Center. Everyone will be assigned an area where they are asked to pick up the trash and put it in giant leaf bags. The heavy paper bags are then collected and tossed in a big dumpster that will be placed at East Ferry by our good neighbors at Island Rubbish.

Volunteers of all ages are needed. Families are welcome. Be sure to wear work clothes and bring along some work gloves. You might also want to have some bug spray handy. Remember to protect yourself from the ticks.

Volunteers with pickup trucks are also needed to haul the bags of trash to East Ferry.

If this year is anything like past years, a phenomenal amount of garbage will be collected. There have been plastic bottles, old tires, fishing nets, old boat parts, and lots of paper. Flotsam and jetsam abound. You name it and people have found it washed up on our island's beaches.

You can volunteer one hour or three- spend whatever time you can. Afterwards you can enjoy a hot dog and a soda courtesy of the land trust.

On Earth Day we can talk about being green and halting the pollution of the world. Stop the global warming. Reduce your carbon footprint. Remember our environment! But if you want to do something that will make an immediate difference, help clean up the shoreline this Saturday morning. Mother Earth will thank you and our island's shoreline will look better for it.

- Jeff McDonough

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