2007-04-19 / News

Harbor panel seeks state input

By Sam Bari

The Harbor Management Commission voted unanimously at their regular April meeting to discuss the Harbor Management Plan and ordinances with the Coastal Resources Management Council. CRMC Marine Resource Specialist Kevin Cute agreed to attend the commission's May meeting if the date could be moved from May 9 to May 16 to accommodate his schedule, which was approved.

The commissioners discussed the state of Jamestown mooring fields and the need for direct dialogue with a CRMC representative to establish the requirements for the town to be in compliance with CRMC regulations. They established that new moorings had been approved to expand the fields at both Dutch Harbor and the north end of East Ferry. Although these mooring fields as well as the field at Fort Getty are in compliance with CRMC regulations, Park Dock, Cranston Cove, and Head's Beach mooring areas are not and consequently cannot be expanded. They lack adequate parking, access, and pump-out facilities needed before they can be approved.

The commissioners agreed that direct dialogue with the CRMC will help to clearly define the requirements for compliance as well as the language of ordinances needed for CRMC approval of the Harbor Management Plan.

In an unrelated matter, Facilities Committee Chairman Bob Bowen reported that the Town Council along with Town Administrator Bruce Keiser will take a walking tour of the East Ferry piers to help decide which of the suggested improvement projects will be the most prudent to initiate. The tour will take place April 23 at 11 a.m.

In other business, Harbor Clerk Paula Swistak mentioned that Keiser agreed that revenues generated from the Ft. Getty dock will go to the Harbor Commission as they have in the past. She also said that approximately 15-percent of mooring applications had been processed, so she is expecting a flood of applications to come through this month.

Swistak reported that the Conservation Commission had yet to produce a liaison to the commission as mandated by the Town Council. Commission Chairman Michael de Angeli agreed to draft a letter to the Conservation Commission requesting compliance.

Additionally, Swistak noted that the new non-resident dinghy permit holders at Ft. Getty will be charged a $15 entry fee every time they enter the park to access their dinghies so they can get to their boats in the mooring field. Bowen suggested that they be issued a season permit the same as the one designed for Head's Beach that would include all facilities except Mackerel Cove. He also suggested that the same permit be available for any non-resident wishing to buy one because it wasn't fair to give special privileges exclusively to boat owners.

De Angeli said that the Town Council only approved the nonresident stickers for Head's Beach and non-resident season stickers for Ft. Getty would have to be proposed to the Town Council as a separate matter. Bowen pressed the point that the season stickers should give holders access to parking and all facilities with the exception of Mackerel Cove. De Angeli replied that the matter required further discussion before making any recommendations to the Town Council and that it should be scheduled as an agenda item. Town Council liaison Julio Di Giando said that he would bring up the matter of non-resident stickers to the council.

Two unidentified commercial fishermen who pay for outhauls at Dutch Harbor complained that the management at the leased facility wanted to charge them for using the restrooms. They said that the management did nothing for the 50-percent of the seasonal fees that they received and had no right to charge them. They complained that the access to the outhaul area was overgrown, littered, and generally not well maintained.

Technology Committee Chairman Andrew Kallfelz reported that they had consulted with Carmody Data Systems of Wisconsin about establishing a harbor commission Website. Kallfelz said that the firm offered to give the commission a free Website that could be up and running in about a month. The firm is involved in compiling the global positioning database for the island's mooring fields.

Kallfelz is also appealing to the community for help in gathering the components for a home page for the harbor Website. He said that any harbor and water-related photographs would be considered. Concepts by web designers or graphic artists who would like to be involved in the creation of the site would be most welcome, Kallfelz said.

Harbormaster Sam Paterson reported that the East and West Ferry pump-outs are up and running.

Harbor Commission Executive Director Chief Thomas Tighe said that the Ribcraft company is finishing the installation of the instruments and accessories on the new harbor boat and that it will be ready to put in the water this week. He also mentioned that he spoke to Public Works Director Steve Goslee and established that the town would be responsible for the restoration at West Ferry where the crane fell and damaged the docks. He said insurance would cover the damages.

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