2007-04-26 / About Town

Tree planting events scheduled

+ Today, the town's tree committee will plant a tree at the triangle at the intersection of Ft. Wetherill Road, Walcott Avenue and Highland Drive.

The tree, a dawn redwood, was donated by Harry Chase of Hodgkiss Farm, in memory of Russell Clarke.

The traffic triangle was adopted by the Tree Preservation and Protection Committee as part of the state's "Adopt-a-Spot," program.

The dawn redwood is often referred to as a living fossil. It is an ancient tree that is thought to have existed alongside dinosaurs.

+ The Quononoquott Garden Club will celebrate Arbor Day on April 27 with a tree-planting ceremony on Watson Avenue.

The Okame cherry tree will be planted near the intersection of Watson and Pemberton Avenues at 11 a.m.

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