2007-04-26 / Letters to the Editor

Panel chair welcomes Brennan back to table

Yesterday, a motion was made that questioned the participation of the Jamestown liaison, Bucky Brennan, in a North Kingstown school meeting, using the town charter-defining language in an opinion offered by the school committee solicitor of the North Kingstown school committee as basis for Mr. Brennan's removal from the committee table.

While the charter is clear on the makeup of the NK board, it is silent on the determinant factors of its relationship with other boards- in this case Jamestown.

The NK School Committee policy NSBA #BCF.2 clearly states the framework by which the NKSC can invite a member of the Jamestown board to participate in public meetings. The Jamestown member does not have an effective vote. In my opinion, it is inarguable that the NKSC is a seven member voting board- with or without the presence of the Jamestown liaison.

Further, I have asked Town Solicitor Stephen Robinson to offer an opinion on the matter relative to the policy and to suggest any policy changes that he would suggest.

Policy NSBA #BCF.2 states that the chairperson of the North Kingstown School Committee may extend an invitation for that participation. As chairman, I am extending that invitation to Jamestown and I fully expect Mr. Brennan to return to the NKSC table with our apologies for any misunderstanding of yesterday's events.

Douglas Roth


North Kingstown School


Editor's note: This memo was sent to members of both school committees and copied to the Jamestown Press.

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