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There's a greenhouse for every Jamestown home

When you talk with just about any dedicated gardener in this northeastern climate, the conversation will eventually come around to greenhouses.

A greenhouse will extend your growing season. An avid gardener who doesn't have a greenhouse is usually looking forward to acquiring one. The green thumb expert with a greenhouse will tell you it nearly makes the gardening experience complete.

To that end, the book "How to Build Your Own Greenhouse: Designs and Plans to Meet Your Growing Needs" by Jamestowner Roger Marshall will merit the attention of most gardeners.

Marshall is the gardening columnist for the Jamestown Press. He is a gardener's gardener who actively cultivates not just one but several greenhouses. A naval architect by training, Marshall has written 11 books on marine-related topics. A book related to his gardening passion is a natural.

The recently published soft cover book is issued by Storey Publishing and is available from most of the larger booksellers.

Marshall's book is targeted to those who are considering a greenhouse. But, it is also an informative read for those who already have a greenhouse. The book is illustrated with many drawings.

Logically organized, the book starts with the important questions to ask yourself before you begin. It reviews the time required to maintain a greenhouse (more than you think), and asks whether you should build or buy a greenhouse.

Next, Marshall covers the history of greenhouses and reviews the basic types of greenhouses.

Gardeners who are considering building their own structure will benefit. Marshall has provided important information about choosing a site for your greenhouse, and determining the size and type of greenhouse to build.

Then he covers the various building materials and glazing that can be used in a greenhouse. The greenhouse foundation, building techniques, and plumbing are properly explained. Greenhouse accessories and maintenance tips follow.

Finally, there are the design and building plans. Remember, Marshall is a naval architect and is skilled with pen and ink. There are many detailed plans for various types of greenhouses - from cold frame to hoop house to much more sophisticated designs. If you are handy with tools and want to build your own greenhouse, this sensible book will make the job easier.

A native of England, Marshall has lived in Jamestown for 26 years. He is the U.S. editor of the Yacht Report, the leading super-yacht magazine. He is also the editor of Boat Builder magazine, and currently serves as president of Boating Writers International.

- Jeff McDonough

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