2007-05-03 / Letters to the Editor

Ballot options will cloud voter intent

In last week's Jamestown Press, Susan Little wrote "Placing the location of a highway barn on the ballot is irresponsible because this is such a complicated issue." Does she want the "silent majority" to become the "silenced majority?" Does she think that the people of Jamestown cannot comprehend the findings of two highway barn committees and the conclusions of two expert bodies- GZA and Vollmer Associates?

I hope the Town Council will present the voters of Jamestown with a clear and concise referendum for locating the highway barn- not a three-way race. If the Council asks us to pick from Lot 48 (transfer station), Lot 47 (next to transfer station) and Taylor Point (again), Lots 48 and 47 could collectively get 60-percent of the votes. But Taylor Point could "win" with only 40- percent of the vote. What a foul miscarriage of the voters' intent that would be. The worst thing the Council can do at this time is bring forth a referendum with three locations to choose from.

Mary McGrath Webster


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