2007-05-03 / Letters to the Editor

Impeachment a sign of national strength

I'd like to thank William and Jason Smith for their "Impeachment Day" display over Route 138 on Saturday. I used to think impeachment would be a distraction we can't afford, but I've changed my mind about that recently. The reason is partly because Bush has dug in his heels on the war so hard he's down past his elbows, and there's no hope he'll ever climb out now. Impeachment proceedings could at least limit his ability to do more damage. For the most part, though, I've changed my mind because impeachment would send a clear signal to the world that the United States recognizes we've done something terribly wrong in Iraq. We're used to lecturing the world about freedom and human rights. Well, we've dived off the moral high ground into a swamp, and impeachment would be a long-overdue official acknowledgment of that fact. The impeachment of Clinton showed the world that Americans would let petty politics nearly bring down our own government. It was a sign of weakness. This time, it would show the world that we can take responsibility, however inadequate and belated, for our real mistakes. It would be a sign of strength. So thanks again, William and Jason, for making some noise. The more we all stand up, the sooner Bush and Co. will stand down.

Bruce Crabtree


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