2007-05-03 / Upcoming Events

Chorus will present its music award during Sunday concert

Cheryl Barber, a Jamestown resident and grade 10 student at North Kingstown High School, is the first recipient of the Jamestown Community Chorus Music Award.

Barber always enjoyed music, and she started on her current musical career by learning to play the flute in the fifth grade. She has used her interest in music to take flute lessons, and in addition, takes lessons on the piano and saxophone as well.

The Jamestown Middle School has had the opportunity to observe her teaching abilities as she volunteers each week helping the younger children with their instruments.

Barber's many performances include her involvement in the Southern New England Honors Band, All-State Band, Christmas tree lightings, and the North Kingstown High School Symphonic Band and Orchestra.

The award will lend support to her future musical development in the form of music summer camp at Rhode Island College, lessons in jazz piano, courses in improvisation, or further growth in those instruments for which she currently takes instruction. Barber's goal is to teach music when she graduates from college.

The Jamestown Community Chorus will present this music award to Cheryl Barber at their 3 p.m. spring concert at Central Baptist Church on Sunday, May 6.

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